Apple UDID Leak checker

Hackers have leaked almost 1 million Apple device IDs. Check if yours was among them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find my UDID?
To find your device’s UDID, connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. Click the icon for your device in the iTunes sidebar to view its sync control pane. Near the top, you’ll see your device’s serial number. Click the serial number itself, and the display will change to show your device’s “Identifier”, a 40-character string. That’s your UDID.

With your device identifier displayed, choose Edit > Copy from the iTunes application menu to copy the identifier to your clipboard.
How are you checking this?
We never store sensitive data like leaked passwords (or in this case UDIDs) on our servers. Rather, we have processed the leaked data ahead of time to generate a cryptographic “fingerprint” for each leaked identifier, and have uploaded those to our site’s database. When you submit your UDID using the form on this page, we perform the same fingerprinting process on it, and check if that fingerprint is present in our database.
What will you do with my UDID?
We do not keep any record or log of your UDID.
Who are you?
Should I Change My Password is a service dedicated to helping you stay safe online by letting you know if your email address and password has been released by hackers. So far we’ve discovered over 203 Million compromised email addresses and passwords. This page will allow you to check if you’re among the recent Apple UDID release only; however, you can check your email for other compromises on our home page. You can also learn more about the service via our FAQs.